I had to go somewhere this morning – in the middle of a tornado warning, actually – and I was hoping to get an answer. The answer wasn’t really an answer. And I am frustrated. Not angry, just frustrated, because I seriously don’t remember the last time in my life I got an answer without some kind of trial or waiting period.


I am looking for friends who would be interested in doing this easy accountability group with me.  It’s all online and via email.  Here is the website with the info.
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So we had our initial IFSP meeting today (I kept calling it just IFP before).  Buddy was evaluated using the DAYC – and his age equivalant came up as follows – Cognition 9 months, Communication 6 months, Social-Emotional 5 months, Physical Development 6 months, Adaptive Behavior 8 months.  Keep in mind he is technically a 9 month old, even though he is 11 months on the calendar.

I don’t really think the communication score was accurate.  He babbles and talks all of the time, and he interacts with us.  THe same thing with the social – I don’t think he is that far behind.  So when we had the meeting we all focused on the physical development because even while all of the people were at the house, Buddy played and babbled happily in his room, then after awhile came out and “socialized” with us while we talked about his goals.  So anyhoo… I think the test was off in that respect.  If he is behind on some of it, I don’t think he is that far behind.  Anyhooo….

He will be getting physical therapy once a week for an hour starting in a couple of weeks, next week if the PT has a cancellation.  He will be working on crawling, building arm, leg, and core strength, standing, and cruising over the next 6 months.  As he meets these goals we will add new ones, and we are not limited to just physical things.  But honestly, at this time that is my only major concern with his development.  Some of the social things to me are just lack of opportunity.

Well, I think that is all of the update on that.

In other Buddy news, he is rolling everywhere.  He wants something, he rolls across the room to it.  It is pretty cute, except when yesterday he hit his head on the corner of where the wall/closet in his room met.

Keep me in your thoughts Thursday morning and Hubby on Friday afternoon.  Lots going on it seems in our household, yet not a lot at the same time.

holy experience

9. A great Mother’s Day with my two favorite guys – and a great gift certficate I get to use on Wednesday for a pedicure!

10. Taking the time to read more again.  We have been turning the tv off more lately and reading, reading, reading.  Mostly I have been reading easy fiction because at night by the time I am able to read my brain can’t handle much more.

11. Surprise gifts – few things are sweeter.

12.  Falling asleep last night to the sound of rain.

13. Time with friends on Saturday morning.  What a great group of gals!

14. Sitting in my car outside of Starbucks yesterday evening with a vanilla latte and Beth Moore’s Get Out of that Pit.

Buddy boy is loving finger food.  Hubby made himself pancakes last night, and even though Buddy had already eaten dinner, he devoured a couple of bites of this snack.  He is getting really good at eating finger food – Cheerios, puffs, toast – pretty much anything age appropriate we put in front of him, as well as probably not age-appropriate…the child likes the black beans off my chicken tacos from Chipotle.

But his new found favorite are the Gerber “Little Crunchers.”  I bought them for him to try the other day only because they were on a really good sale.  We have only tried the veggie dip kind so far, but he devours them.  I tried one to see what they were like – pretty much like eating crunchy air with an extremely mild hint of seasoning.

It is my first official Mother’s Day – at least with my baby on the outside!  In Sunday school today, one of the facilitators asked what is the hardest thing about being a mom and the best thing about being a mom.  Here are some of my thoughts on the topic with less than one year under my belt:

Hardest Things About Being a Mom:

  • Watching your baby in pain.  I saw a lot of that at the beginning, and I will never, ever forget the sounds of Buddy’s cries on the days he had his food taken away in the NICU for his own protection.  There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffering and being completely helpless to intervene.
  • Knowing when to trust your instincts and when to trust the “experts.”  Somewhere there is a balance, but I don’t think I have figured it out yet.
  • Feeling like you have to compare your child to others.  I try really hard not to do that, but sometimes other people seem to want to compare.  “He’s not crawling/walking/sleeping-through-the-night/fill-in-the-blank… yet?”  There are moments when some people say this that I feel like I have done something wrong as a mama, even though logically I know that is not true.  I know there will be a lifetime of these comments, and I just hope that I do my best never to participate in the comparison game.
  • Not getting enough sleep.  I LOVE sleep.  Seriously.  I would rather sleep than eat. In fact, I chose that this morning when hubby asked if I would like him to make pancakes.  I replied, “I would actually rather have some more sleep.”  So he graciously took the baby and played with him awhile/got him his breakfast while I slept for about an hour.  Glorious.

Mother's Day 2010

The best things about being a mom:

  • Holding your baby for the first time and knowing he belongs to you.  There is nothing more precious than that moment. I cry just thinking about it!
  • Watching all of the firsts. I know I am only at the beginning of this journey of firsts, but seeing the first smile, hearing the first laughs and babbles, watching the first roll – every new thing Buddy does makes me burst with pride.
  • Having sweet conversations – and yes, we have conversations even though he doesn’t have actual words yet.  Buddy’s most talkative time is in the morning (go figure that my child is a morning person!), and some of the best chats we have are when he is snuggled in our bed before we really start the day.
  • For me one of the best things was during pregnancy when I could feel him moving inside of me.  The first time I felt him for sure was right when I was about to fall asleep one night.  I remember I woke Hubby up when I exclaimed, “OH!” after I felt Buddy do a sommersault.
  • Watching him fall asleep on my lap.  I know these days won’t last forever, so I will cherish them while they are here.
  • Just having fun. Remembering to stop and enjoy the moments instead of worrying about the dust on the piano or the dishwasher needing unloaded.