Every time I type the name Buddy on here it just doesn’t feel quite right. I mean, that is one of his nicknames. We called him that a lot when he was in the womb. Hubby calls him that probably more than I do. I just think it looks funny in print for some reason – like a dog name or something, haha. I don’t think that when I say it aloud, only in print. But I am sure I am just weird.

What other names does our baby boy go by? Depends on who is talking to him! Here are some of the many names people call him: His real name – which I think is an awesomely unique name. The shortened “common” version of his real name. The shortened version of his name with a “y” attached to the end. Bubby. Bubs. Bubba. Boo-boo (as in Yogi Bear’s little friend, not an “owie” or body part). Peanut. Sweet Little Baboo. Buggaboo. This kid is going to be very confused when he gets to school.

But I usually call him Bubby. I was calling him Booboo, but I didn’t think he would appreciate that very much when he got a bit older.

And for the record, I don’t think I have ever called my husband “Hubby” outside of print. If you can help me think of a better “code” name for my husband for this blog, I would love to switch. “Hubby” just isn’t my personality.


Sorry for being so negative yesterday.  It is just disheartening because we knew when we were moving here we would be here at least five years, so renting seemed like it would be a waste of money. And the economy was good at the time, so buying a house made sense.  And we were responsible.  Even though we were approved for a much bigger loan, we only took out what we knew we could afford on my teacher salary (since Hubby was going back to school).  So it is just frustrating that because of other people’s irresponsibility (politicians on both sides of the aisle and individuals and corporations who made bad decisions, etc.), we feel stuck with a house that at the time everyone said was a good decision.  But I digress…

A happy story about the baby:

He is beginning to be able to repeat the word, “Woof!” and we are trying to have him associate it with E-dog.  Sometimes he sounds more like he is saying, “Boof!” or “Woo(p)!”, but it has the same intonation as “Woof!” – which he says sometimes as well.  We notice he is saying it to himself just for fun.  Now if only he would start making the Mmmm sound so he can say one of the most important words of all, “Mama.”

  • This was the third night in a row that Buddy slept terribly — and that meant we slept terribly.  Up every 2 hours – whether he was in his crib or in bed with us. Ugh!  Thank goodness it was Saturday and our budgeted weekly trip to the Muddhouse for some much needed coffee.
  • The top teeth are really starting to come in.  He is grinding them which makes me want to vomit. I HATE that sound.  I sure hope he outgrows that habit once the teething ends.
  • I am sad about more teeth making an appearance.  It is making my baby look more like a little boy and less like a baby.
  • Walgreen’s wasted my time today.  I went to pick up pictures, and they needed  proof we had the rights to the pictures.  Mind you, we have printed off TONS of pictures/other people have printed off tons of pictures that we had taken this spring, and never once were we asked to show proof.  We have proof, I just wish I would have known I had to take it to the store.  It is totally throwing off my schedule for the day/trying to beat the rain to get some errands done.
  • The invitations for Buddy’s birthday are done – ready to mail once I get the pictures from Walgreens.  I made the invitations myself.  I am not sure that was the wisest decision I have ever made, but hey, they’re unique, and they’re made with love and really crappy glue.  The glue I bought for the project was titled “extra-strength,” but it was anything but extra-strength.  Do not buy Elmer’s extra-strength glue stick. It is false advertising.

I have realized that I probably should go back to having a blog that family and friends do not read.  Because sometimes I just need to vent to the world and perfect strangers and not have people I know know my business.  And let me tell you, today I could write a book with all the thoughts going through my head.

I saw this online this morning, and since Buddy is sleeping late this morning, I thought I’d do it.

1. Where are my keys?
2. If wishes were horses they would run away. (I have no idea what this fill-in means.)
3. I’d like to see my son grow up happy, healthy, and serving the Lord.
4. When I was a teen, I thought George Clooney and Ben Affleck were hot.
5. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “Was it worth it?”
6. I’d have a hard time doing without my faith.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching Lawrence of Arabia, tomorrow my plans include starting my day with a caramel latte and a death-by-chocolate muffin, and Sunday, I want to get back to Sunday school class – it feels like I haven’t been there in awhile.

The Ultimate Blog Party was a lot of fun.  I found many great new blogs to read – some of people like me, and some of people very different from me.  I found about a dozen that stood  out, but these are the first three that came to my mind:

sandwichedThe story of how she became sandwiched made me laugh, yet feel her pain!

superchikk“saving the world one lost sock at a time” – I can very much relate!


Though I’ve only read a few entries (because that is all I have had time for right now), it seems we have some things in common.

I have more to write about, but I need to get going on my Saturday morning with my family.

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I read about this awhile ago, and honestly, I forgot about it until today.  I hope it is not too late to join the party.

Who am I?

A current stay at home mom for an adorable ten-month old boy who grace us with his presence TEN WEEKS EARLY last summer!  I call him Buddy on this site for privacy reasons, but he actually has a pretty awesome, original name, if I do say so myself. Wish I could tell you what it is. 🙂

halfway through our NICU journey

A wife to a hard-working husband who is in the behavioral health field.  We met online in 2004, got engaged that fall, and eloped in January of 2005. And we had only spent a couple of weeks together in person. The rest of our dating was VERY long distance. This is our first year of marriage where neither of us have been furthering our education. Of course, having a baby is a new kind of education.

my two favorite guys

A former fourth grade teacher who most likely will be going back to work next year, if I can find a teaching job in this economy.

A not-so-great housekeeper, a don’t-mind-a-little-dog-fur-on-the couch, a-like-to-cook-and-bake-but-it-doesn’t-always-turn-out, a-read-seven-books-at-the-same-time, a-should-be-writing-the-next-great-American-novel-instead-of-facebooking type of gal.

Welcome to my blog if you are new today!

Prizes I would like to win:

  • INTL2
  • US49 – I love coffee!
  • US71 – to make a bear for Buddy
  • US84 – to spend on pictures
  • US18, US32, US 36, uS40, or anything else is good, too!

Have a great day!

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