There is no way to title this post without ending in a prepostion. “To What is Buddy Up?” Nope. “Up to… what is Buddy?” haha. Anyhoo…

He is rolling ALL over the place. His bedroom, our bedroom, pretty much any carpet-covered area he is placed – if he sees something he wants to explore he will strategically roll to where he wants to bee. He also uses a little bit of scooting to get the right angle/direction. Today while I was folding laundry he rolled all over our room – to pester E-dog, to kiss himself in the mirror, to grab onto the handle on the bottom dresser drawer, and to play peek-a-boo with the bedskirt.

The other day when Hubby was not fixing Buddy’s dinner fast enough (according to Buddy) he yelled out “Ummm!” which sounded soooo close to “Mom!” I think he was wanting me to take over, haha. But at least now he has said the “m” sound. He also has repeated, “Yay!” back and forth with me, though I know he doesn’t understand the context. While playing with his plastic shape-blocks, he has finally started clapping them together with both of his hands. We hope soon he will realized he can let go of the shapes and clap his own hands together.

A tooth on the bottom is starting to poke through – when this one is in it will be #5. We think the two top ones are about half way in.

I am trying to get him to nap. He fell asleep briefly in the car, but woke up when I brought him in. Bummer. He is just chatting away to himself in his crib, which is better than crying, but worse than sleeping.

Hubby has his phone interview later today. Praying that goes well. I think that is about it for an update.

  • We may have someone interested in looking at our house, according to our real estate agent. Our house may be out of their price range, though. Yes, you read that right. FIngers crossed that they at least come look at it and like it and make us an offer.
  • The Parents as Teachers educator came today, and Buddy has picked up some skills since her last visit.  I think she also implied that I may be a bit of a “helicopter” parent because I don’t let him problem solve enough. I  sort of see her point, but seriously, he is not even a year old.  I do not feel I am “hovering” that much.
  • The physical therapist comes tomorrow to evaluate Buddy’s gross motor skills (and maybe other things, too?).  He still isn’t really putting weight on his legs.  His fine motor skills I think are really good, and like my side of the family, he is pretty verbal.
  • Thursday I hope to know what I am doing job-wise next year.  I have a second interview, and hopefully they will either tell me yay or nay right then and there so I can tell them yay or nay and tell someone else yay or nay.  Still trying to sort out what is best for us next year.
  • So it’s just a wee bit stressful around here.  And we were on a “no fast food” and “try not to eat terrible things for us” kick, but I caved under the stress today, pulled out my handy dandy Sonic giftcard and had a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a vanilla Dr. Pepper.  The only thing that could have improved that binge would have been a piece of chocolate cake!  🙂  I have no willpower when I am stressed.

Buddy boy is becoming quite the chatterbox.  I think his most talkative moments are in the morning.  These are the sounds he can say so far:

  • dadadadad
  • ba/buh
  • uh-gee (soft g sound there)
  • dis or dee
  • ooh
  • /t/
  • va
  • /p/
  • There are probably others I can’t think of.

Most of the time he says dadada or daa with another syllable/sound.

Notice one important sound still hasn’t made it to the list.

Buddy is really into making sounds lately.  He has discovered how to really gurgle his saliva. He also makes these weird throat-clearing noises that sound somewhat like a junky car trying to start.  His favorite sound to make though is messy. While eating, he likes to try to blow bubbles with his food – which means baby food sprays everywhere.  There is nothing quite like being covered in peas and rice!  Many of his babbling noises make him sound very Pentecostal.  🙂

Still no words.  I think the da-da thing last month was a fluke.  He is comprehending our speech.  Today I was feeding him chicken and said, “Eat your chicken.”  Well, Buddy’s favorite toy is the crazy stuffed chicken, so when he heard chicken he immediately started looking for his beloved friend.  So he knows the word chicken!

Just a few highlights from the past week or so:

  • Buddy and I enjoyed our week in IL (and Hubby was able to be there for the weekend). It was great for Buddy to meet his great-grandparents and his great-great-grandmother. He traveled very well – sleeping most of the way both ways.
  • Yesterday morning, Buddy gave a real, responsive smile. We spent several minutes smiling at each other. What a fun game! He was so happy. Of course, as soon as I got out the camera/video camera to capture the excitement, the smiles went away. Apparently he is a morning person because we played the smiling game this morning as well.
  • We survived a minor, clumsy accident yesterday. Buddy does not even have a bruise. It is amazing how careful I am about everything, and then the unexpected happens.
  • Speaking of mornings… we all slept 6 straight hours last night. 11 PM – 5 AM without any crying/feeding/diaper changes. It scared me a bit to wake up so “late” as I feared I had missed something. Once I got over that feeling, I realized how wonderful it was to have an almost full night of sleep.

Some random thoughts:

  • Buddy wants to be held most of the time. He is usually unhappy when I put him down. He will wake up to inform me that it is not okay with him. I have a Dr. Sears sling. He does not enjoy being in that. Blah. I’d love to be a baby-wearing mama and Buddy would probably enjoy it if we can find the right contraption. I don’t want to “waste” more money figuring it out.
  • He is very snuggly. The way he hangs on reminds me of a baby monkey on his mama’s back. (Don’t worry – I don’t let him cling to my back.)
  • I have become an expert at typing with one hand since my other hand is supporting Buddy in the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed.
  • We can’t figure out Buddy’s sleeping habits. It is not as simple as day/night confusion. He actually has days (24+ hour periods) he doesn’t sleep much, and then other days that is all he’ll do.
  • I hope to make use of the stroller tonight. The weather here is beautiful, and I’d like to go for a walk. I discovered LouAnn (the car in the garage) does not hold the carseat well, so I’m stuck until I can fix that or until Hubby gets home with the other car. (If anyone would like to buy us a newish car…. haha.)
  • I was able to shower today while Hubby was at work. This is a huge accomplishment. Buddy sat in his bouncer contentedly in the bathroom for a short period of time, I think because he had new surroundings to observe.
  • Ten years ago this weekend I started my college experience. I am considering fighting the bookstore madness tomorrow to buy Buddy an EU onesie.

I am doubtful I will be updating quite as frequently now, but I will still update as often as I can. Some highlights from our first evening/morning at home:
-Buddy did great on his car ride home from the hospital. Pretty much slept and made funny faces at all the potholes in town. And every idiot driver was on the road yesterday at 3:45. Seriously.
-Buddy had his circumcision at the hospital yesterday morning. Horrible for this momma to see the pain it caused her baby once the drugs wore off. He was not quite himself yesterday or even this morning, I think because of the ordeal.
-Just after we swore we would not be at St. John’s for a very long time, I found myself up there last night a) to get my car and b) to get a prescription filled even though we were told get it filled at Walgreen’s because they were the only one who had some of his stuff. (They lied – Walgreens did not have most of it anywhere in town, but St. John’s did. Grrr… Oh well.)
-Buddy has slept a lot. But it always seems when we are about to sleep he gets fussy or his monitor beeps.
-His monitor helps give me peace of mind. I was able to sleep soundly from about 2-4 AM. Exhaustion overtook my worry.
-Our dog E LOVES Buddy already. Every time he cries or fusses, she is there. She “leads” the way for me when I put him down to sleep. She cried when he had a painful diaper change yesterday. She is very gentle around him. I seriously think she thinks SHE is the momma.
– My mom is here helping me learn the ropes of this stuff. I am so thankful. Her dog, Bear, is also a big fan of the baby already.
-Buddy does not seem to mind the dogs sniffing him.
-He likes to spit-up. A lot. He has acid reflux and the medicine doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. He does not like to burp. He does like to poop. A lot.
-I am off to try to take a nap while he does.