Correction – Buddy is getting THREE more teeth. One on each side of his bottom ones and one more on the top right. I’m guessing the one on the top left won’t be far behind. Can’t believe he is almost doubling his tooth count seemingly overnight!


I think I see where two of Buddy’s top teeth are going to be cutting through in the near future.  This is not good news for me.
But what is good news for me is… I have an interview next week!  It is not at the district I worked for before Buddy was born, and that is all I am comfortable sharing at this point.

I am starting to feel like things in my life are maybe coming together a little bit.  No, we still don’t have answers about Hubby’s schooling next year.  This is the week we should know.  No, we still haven’t had any prospects on someone buying our house.  No, I still haven’t had any interviews for a job next year (though I did hear from one principal that he would be looking at the paperwork early next week).  Am I disappointed about these things? Yes.  Am I worried about these things?  Strangely, not really.

That is definitely not my personality.  I am a planner, I am a worrier, and I am a realist.  (I think pessimist is too strong. I don’t think everything will turn out bad, but I don’t always think everything will turn out good either!)  So why this somewhat new optimistic perspective?  Honestly, I think it is because my time in the Word has been so much better lately.  For the last month or so, I have been making my way through a Beth Moore study with a few other ladies from various churches.  It is exactly what I needed.  If you have never done a Beth Moore study, I highly recommend the one I am currently doing – Daniel.  Anyhoo – I also picked up One Month to Live from the library.  The subtitle is “Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life.”  That is what I want.  I am only on Day Two.  We shall see.

News on the baby boy?  The physical therapist is scheduled to come at the end of the month to assess.  Today I actually saw him roll from back to front – in pursuit of a toy I gently took away from him just to see if he would roll.  He is sitting up really well by himself these days – hardly tipping over at all anymore.  He is napping right now.  He had a night where he slept until 5:30 I think last week.  That hasn’t happened again.  He had been making it till about 4 for a few nights, but lately he is back up at 2ish again and then 4:30.  😦  Oh well.  Someday I will get a full night of sleep again.

This afternoon someone from First Steps is going to come do an intake.  This is the beginning of the process to see if Buddy will qualify for some help with his development.  Up until this point he hasn’t qualified, but his gross motor skills are lagging behind where they should be even for his adjusted age.

It is different being on this end of things.  I am used to being the teacher, one of the people in an IEP meeting or a parent-teacher conference informing a parent that their child may need some extra help.  My biggest fear is that he will fall in some sort of gap (figurative, not literal gap), and he will not be far enough behind to qualify, yet be behind enough to cause a problem.  I have seen it happen in school.  So let’s hope he either really doesn’t need any extra help – just some more time and practice with us – or he qualifies to get caught up with his age group!

So we have been working with Buddy on sitting up independently.  He is getting better and better at it.  Today he sat by himself for several minutes before toppling over.  A couple of more days, and I think he will have it!  Took picture and video of it with my phone (since that was handy and the other cameras were not in the same room), but I have no idea how to upload it on to here.  I guess I will have to read the manual.  Yuck!

The nurse ended up coming today.  Buddy s his shots like a trooper.  Cried after each one, but not very long.  He is 19 lbs even.  She measured him 31 inches, byt her measuring isn’t very accurate, so I will try later.  I need to take a 10 month picture (a couple days late), so hopefully that will be posted soon.

Well, I can’t type anymore.  My tech-savy baby is attempting to type with his feet.

Parents-as-Teachers did Buddy’s six month screening today because with him being premature, he is really developmentally about 6 1/2 months, not 9 1/2 months.

The Pros:

  • Buddy was a very happy baby (as usual) when the PAT person came.  He complied with all the activities that he was able.
  • Verbally – he is ahead! (Go figure, my child, verbal??? haha)  He is at least at the 9 month mark for the screen – so with his peers, woohoo!
  • Socially he was right on track.
  • His fine motor skills weren’t bad either.

The Cons:

  • His gross motor is behind, even for the six-month old comparison. He can only roll one way, he doesn’t support himself on his legs/feet, and he can’t sit up independently (that one wasn’t as much of a concern yet).

So we are going to be referred to First Steps, and we will see if they feel he needs to be evaluated, and then we’ll take it from there.  I am glad we had the screen.

Our newest pediatrician didn’t screen for any of these things when we visited this month, I realized.  That makes me upset because our other, fantastic pediatrician did a lot of checking of these type of things at his calendar six month checkup (comparing him to 3/4 month olds).

I knew Buddy wasn’t ahead with some of his physical skills, and this confirmed it.  I’m not worried.  He will catch up as we learn how ot better help him.  The teacher in me is THRILLED that he is so verbally smart.  One more reason everyone should read, sing, and talk to their babies!!

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