Weary of trying to keep up with a “family update” blog and a personal “write about any topic I want” blog, this is my attempt at merging my previous blogs into one fresh, new blog.  I don’t know if I am doing this because I am a perfectionist, because I am lazy, or a little bit of both.

On this blog, I hope to write about:

  • My baby boy, who has the nickname “Buddy” and will be referred to as such here for privacy purposes.  He was born ten weeks early, spent seven weeks in the NICU, but has been doing great even with his scary entrance into the world!
  • The joys and challenges my husband and I face as we try to figure out what we are doing with our lives.  Not just the parenting journey, although that would be challenging enough, we are hoping to have some other changes in our lives very soon.
  • Leaving my twenties.  I am twenty-nine and unsure of how I feel about the big 3-0.
  • My thoughts on life in general and the world around me.

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