I am such a nerd. I spent my Friday evening reading a book about a literacy structure, and spent a chuck of this morning reading the corresponding book. In my defense, it has been rainy, but why not snuggle up with a novel? Instead I read “The Daily Five” and am now wrapping up “The CAFE book.” Sooo goood! A lot of things I have done, but not they way these women structured their classroom and assessment. I wish I had read these books a few years ago. They would have made my literacy block much easier to manage. I am hoping to use a lot of the concepts next year. Although The Daily Five seemed more primary focused (there is an intermediate edition apparently), I think I can just adapt what I learned from this book and the other.
As sad as I am to not be a stay-at-home-mom next year, I get enthusiastic when I read books about curriculum structures and strategies. Yes, I am a nerd.