This afternoon someone from First Steps is going to come do an intake.  This is the beginning of the process to see if Buddy will qualify for some help with his development.  Up until this point he hasn’t qualified, but his gross motor skills are lagging behind where they should be even for his adjusted age.

It is different being on this end of things.  I am used to being the teacher, one of the people in an IEP meeting or a parent-teacher conference informing a parent that their child may need some extra help.  My biggest fear is that he will fall in some sort of gap (figurative, not literal gap), and he will not be far enough behind to qualify, yet be behind enough to cause a problem.  I have seen it happen in school.  So let’s hope he either really doesn’t need any extra help – just some more time and practice with us – or he qualifies to get caught up with his age group!