My husband did tons of work in the yard and around the house today.  He even warned me to get back in the house when he thought he saw a snake outside.  I do not like snakes.

And speaking of snakes – – – I have come to the conclusion that yard work is of the devil.  Seriously.    I used to think that Eve’s punishment was worse than Adam’s.  Now I think we got the better end of the deal.  I would give birth every year if that meant I never had to weed a garden or plant anything.  Of course, I did give birth to a three-pound baby, so if I have a full-term one next time, my opinion might change. 🙂

Hoping we have a good turn out for our first open house tomorrow.  I have to say our house looks very lovely these days.  I would buy it if I was looking for a first house.  🙂