I love that I can “order” books online through our library system.  I have six books on hold – waiting for others to get done reading and then return the books so I can read them.  There is one that was actually there at the library, so I hope to go get it today or tomorrow.  And the best part is – I can pick it up at a drive-thru window.  This is very convenient for me as a mommy to not have to get out of the car to browse for and check-out books.  I can browse from the comfort of my own living room.

I will need to pay $1.70 in fines when I go get my books, but I believe this may be the smallest library fine I have ever owed.  I’m sure my hometown library got much of their funding for their new building from the fine money I gave them as a child/teenager.  I am not any better as an adult.  Sometimes it is cheaper for me to actually buy the book. 🙂