Let me preface this by saying I have many liberal friends, some of similar faith as me, some of similar DNA as me, etc.  But I believe in small government and local government and states’ rights.  Why?  The tenth amendment.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
I don’t just believe in it when it is convenient for me.  Even issues I have a morally difficult time justifying, I still go back to the belief that the Constitution wants those things to be decided at the state level.
Regulations/funding/etc. for education – this should be up to each state.  NCLB was awful for SOOOO many reasons and one of the huge reason is because it allowed the federal government to have more power over public education.
Abortion – This should be a state decision, not a federal decision.  If one state wants to allow it, fine. If one state doesn’t, fine. (By the way, I am prolife so I believe life begins at conception.  But if a state decides to allow it, I think that is protected under the tenth amendment.  I still believe it is morally disgusting, especially after having a miscarriage and a pre-term delivery.  But I digress..)
Gay Marriage – As we have been seeing, more and more states are approving this.  I think this again is permissible under the tenth amendment – as long as it is done through the legislature/people and not through bias courts/judges.
Health Care aka Obamacare aka Socialized Medicine – This should be a state’s right to provide it for it’s citizens if that state’s citizens want it.  If Massachusetts wants to provide free medical care for it’s citizens, go for it!  If Missouri does not want to provide that and allow the private sector to take care of business as usual, awesome!
There are many more issues that fall under the tenth amendment, but Buddy has fallen asleep on my lap at a weird angle, and it is difficult to type.
I must make a mental note to have our next baby before 2014 because most likely it will be a high-risk pregnancy, and I fear the government will soon have control of my personal decisions.