1. c. week 16    
2.   d. all of the above
3.  b. 11 PM    
4.  a Scion XB   – If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, you should check him out!
5.  b. false – Coleridge doesn’t really nap consistently
6. . all of the above, but we try to limit her couch/bed sleeping
7.   c. forty-seven days    – technically, if you count the little bit he was in on his birthday and our “Care By Parent” stay
8. b. four   – Now if we could only win the lotto.  (But we don’t play!)
9. d. spending time with family – but we are really looking forward to the other things, too! (Mickey Mouse, double-double, Uncle “back-of-the-sled” Jerry)
10. Current status 15 lbs.  8 oz.     27 in.
 Thanks to those of you who played!  The winners were my dad and step-mom, Ron and Patty.  🙂