Dear Family and Friends,
Over the past year many of you have kept up with us online through emails, Facebook, and our family blog.  Due to this, it seems strange to write a traditional Christmas letter.  Instead we have created a quiz for you about our year.  Post with a comment or email us your answers and the winner and answers will be posted on our blog on December 15.

1.Amanda suffered from morning sickness, or rather evening sickness until:
a. week 8    b. week 11    c. week 16    d. week 27

2. Mike’s current job is:
a. a social worker     b. a psychological evaluator     c. a supervisor       d. all of the above

3. Coleridge was born around:
a. 8 PM    b. 11 PM    c. 1 AM    d 4 AM

4. Thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan, Mike and Amanda saved up to buy:
a. a Scion XB    b. a Honda Element    c. a Cadillac Escalade d. Who’s Dave Ramsey?

5. Coleridge likes to nap around 10 AM and 2 PM.
a. true        b. false

6. Ebby likes to sleep:
a. on our bed    b. on the couch   c. on her bed next to Cole’s bed     d. all of the above

7.  Coleridge was in the NICU for:
a. thirty-one days     b. forty days    c. forty-seven days    d. fifty-two days

8. Mike and Amanda have enjoyed free items/entertainment activities due to winning ___ radio contests.
a. two        b. four        c. seven    d. ten

9. What are we looking forward to most about our Christmas vacation?
a. Disneyland    b. In-n-Out     c. beating Uncle Jerry in cards  d. spending time with family

10. Coleridge was born weighing 3 lbs 6 oz and was 16 ½ inches long.  Write down a guess as to what he will weigh/how long he was at his six month appointment on December 8.
_____lbs.  _____ oz.     _______in.