Today is the day I am officially calling my first day as a stay-at-home mom. No NICU, no mom (“Babushka”) – just Buddy and me. He made the day fairly easy for me, and saved his fussing for this evening while Hubby was home. I got a couple of “household” things done, but the majority of the day was baby stuff – diapers, feeding, bottles, etc. I did have a June Cleaver moment. Dinner was cooked and on the table at the exact moment Hubby came home from work. That will probably never happen again, but I was pretty proud of myself. (I might add that the two veggie items were cooked in the microwave, so June Cleaver/Martha Stewart I am not!)
It is a strange feeling. All of my teacher friends are on facebook writing about their upcoming school year, and I am not. Instead I am making a scope and sequence for housework that never got done regularly while I was working outside of the home. Yes, I am a nerd, and since I can’t plan out a school year this year, I am typing up schedules and spreadsheets for a variety of things that now fill my life. I may have to make a Staples run in the next few days for a binder for my new paperwork. I can’t let the end of July/beginning of August go by without SOME back-to-school shopping…even if I am not going back to school!