It is never a good thing to get a phone call at 6 AM – especially when your baby is in the NICU. Last night was an excellent night with Buddy when we went up to visit around the 9:00 hour. He wasn’t D-SATing, we gave him a sponge bath, he was switched to a different bed, Hubby had holding time, and he was a pretty happy baby (once that bath was done).
Hubby answered the phone this morning so all of this information is what I gathered from him:
-Buddy was DSATing a lot last night in the 40s and 50s (which is low). He now has an oxygen bubble on his head (I will check out what this is when I can get up to the hospital in a bit after the shift-change).
– He is having digestion issues. He is having little looping show up on his belly.
-With both of these things, they are taking him off his feedings for the next several days, and they are giving him antibiotics. We will see if the antibiotics do the trick or if there is something else going on.
Please pray that Buddy recovers quickly from whatever is hurting him.
I am off to get ready to get to the hospital. I can’t get in until 7 because of the shift change. Pray for us, too. Our little guy was doing so well, so this is upsetting and discouraging.