Buddy arrived May 29 at 11:07 PM via regular delivery. He is 3 lbs, 6 oz. He is 16 inches long and his head is 11 inches around. He came out crying, and the doctor said he is “feisty.”

Mid-afternoon yesterday I sent Hubby home to get some things to work on while we sat around the hospital because I figured things would be like Monday and Tuesday – sitting and waiting to move to a room with less monitors once my complications went away. However, around 2:00 I got up to the bathroom, and I had to use the nurse button for what I saw. Three nurses came in and whisked me back on the bed and called my doctor and the doctor on call. My doctor was on his way out of town. The doctor on call checked me and realized that I was in labor and at 4-5 cm. Of course I text Hubby(the cell phones had issues in that room) with the word “Baby” – our code for him to know to come ASAP. The doctor checked me on the ultrasound, and I was still on the monitors, and Buddy was still looking good, as he has all week. No distress and good heartbeat.
My mom was already on her way back to Missouri because I was thinking next week would be difficult with Hubby starting a new job. I had just talked to my dad earlier in the day saying he didn’t need to come because nothing seemed to be happening different. Of course they got the news that I am in labor, and both sped (or continued speeding) to Missouri. My brother, my sister-in-law, and my cousin arrived to keep us company and entertained.
Even though I was hoping not use an epidural in my original plan, I decided to do so that way if I needed a C-section really quick the anesthesia they used would probably not have to be general. It did not hurt like I feared it would, and although I am a huge supporter of people going natural (since I wanted to), I am now a huge fan of the epidural. It helped me stay relaxed a bit when I really needed to in order to keep baby safe, and it kept the pain away for the most part.
At some point I got to an 8. I was there for a long time – through a shift change of a new on-call doctor and a new nurse. It was also around this time that they brought in all of the baby stuff – scale, warm bed, etc. Around 9:30/9:45 they broke my water. Then things picked up from there. The nurse gave me the quickest birthing class ever (since mine were scheduled for June). A couple of rounds of pushing Another NICU baby was born just before Buddy, so the doctor came pretty much in right after that. Another round of pushing, and I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life. My baby was crying. They let me see him briefly. He continued to cry while being weighed and such. He passed his Apgar test. They brought him over again very briefly for us to see and kiss him. Talk about “you had me at hello.” Then they took him to NICU.
I was able to move to my new room about 1 AM. We were able to see Buddy in the NICU before we headed to sleep. The staff there were talking to Hubby and I about a variety of things – very little of which I remember at this point – all of it is a fog. He is hooked up to wires and tubes. He has hair and the cutest little fingers and toes. He looks so helpless though just laying there that it breaks my heart to not be able to pick him up and hold him. The nurse in the NICU also used the word “feisty” to describe Buddy. Apparently he spent a lot of time last night looking around and doing some crying before he wore himself out and they put the breathing tube down him.
I know this entry is like a big ramble, but I want to be able to remember what happened. I think I put in all of the important stuff. We will post some pictures eventually, but we don’t have that camera attachment with us right now.
We thank you for your prayers for a safe delivery. We know God has given us the strength and peace to get through this last week, these last 24 hours because so many people are praying. Please continue to pray for Buddy’s health – that he would grow and develop the way he needs to. Please pray for us on this roller coaster ride we are now on.